Alternative Christmas Fair

Show-Casing All Mission Projects

Yule-tide giving for local, regional, and international mission projects

MBCC’s Alternative Christmas Fair provides an opportunity giving to local, regional, and international mission projects in the name of a friend, family member, or other person on your holiday gift list.  This year our projects include 1736 Family Crisis Center, Project Needs, Family Promise, Child Aid Guatemala, and Center for Social Equity and Inclusion (India).  The Alternative Christmas Fair is normally held annually in early December on the patio immediately after the Sunday worship service, but this year we invite you to make your gift online.

To make a gift, please fill out the following form to tell us how you want your gift allocated.

After your elections have been submitted, you will have an opportunity to make your contribution using debit card, credit card or eCheck should you choose to do so. You can also go directly to the giving page to make a contribution at any time.

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