About MBCC - Our Mission

We are an inclusive Christian church, and our welcome is unconditional without regard to sexual orientation, gender, gender identity and expression, race, culture, age, national origin, socio-economic status, family configuration, education, physical and mental challenges, and spiritual and religious traditions. All are welcome to participate fully in the life, leadership, fellowship, service and ministry of this church.

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Our Core Values

Spiritually Inclusive

Being spiritually inclusive and socially accepting

Caring and Supportive

Being a caring and supportive Christian congregation

Serving Those in Need

Serving those in need in our greater community through grass roots efforts

Promoting Fellowship

Promoting fellowship through lively, creative, and educational activities

Ministers & Directors

Rev. Mike Spitters (he/him)

Senior Minister

Jodi Bushdiecker (she/her)

Minister of Faith Formation and Care

Therese Jasso (She/Her)

Youth Director

Joanne Ordinario (She/Her)

Ministry Coordinator

Nancy Cross (she/her)

Senior Administrator

Lyn Coulter (she/her)

Secretary/Wedding Hostess

John Elg (He/Him)

Choir Director

Jeannie Beaumont (she/her)

LMFT, ATR, Director of Manhattan Beach Community Counseling Center

Randy Santiago Perez (he/him)

AV Support