Children and Youth Spiritual Formation

Welcome to MBCC! Our Children’s Spiritual Formation program builds a foundation of Christian values our young people can take with them for life. To have your children participate in our program please fill out this short registration form.

Children's Church on Sunday after Time with Children K-5th Grade.

Our Children's Church meets up after the Time with Children most Sundays. During this time, our children will explore God's call to love God with all your heart, soul and mind and to love your neighbor as yourself. We will be exploring God's call to social justice with the current curriculum. In Luke 4:14–30, Jesus reads the words of Isaiah as he boldly proclaims that he has been sent to preach good news to the poor, release to the captives, recovery of sight to the blind, and freedom for the oppressed. As followers of Jesus, we do this work as well. Often Christians talk about being Christ’s hands and feet. There is truth in this statement, yet God’s justice is not only our work in the world, but God’s work in us. As we are transformed and become aligned with the heart of God in Christ, we are better able to reflect God’s justice and peace through our lives to the world. This is a lifelong journey toward loving kindness, courage, justice, peace, and reconciling love in relationship with God, other people, self, and the earth.