Church Staff


Rev. Mike Spitters (he/him)

Senior Minister

Jodi Bushdiecker (she/her)

Minister of Faith Formation and Care

Therese Jasso (She/Her)

Youth Director

Nancy Cross (she/her)

Senior Administrator

Kate Crellin (She/Her)

Special Music Director

John Elg (He/Him)

Choir Director

Lyn Coulter (she/her)

Secretary/Wedding Hostess

Jeannie Beaumont (she/her)

LMFT, ATR, Director of Manhattan Beach Community Counseling Center

Joanne Ordinario (She/Her)

Ministry Coordinator

Craig Torrey (he/him)

Property Manager

Nancy Drinker (she/her)

Business Manager

Makena James (she/her)


Randy Santiago Perez (he/him)

AV Support