Planned Giving

A Planned Gift is one you make during your lifetime, but which benefits a charitable organization after your death. You may designate MBCC and/or another UCC organization and even specify the application and use of the gift.

The most common Planned Gift is a bequest by Will. There are other Planned Gifts that may provide:

  • An attractive income for life with no financial management responsibilities.
  • Income for a surviving loved one
  • A charitable tax deduction, if you itemize.
  • Tax savings on long term capital gains and mandatory IRA distributions.
  • Financial support for future ministry in the South Bay

When to Consider Planned Giving

  • When considering your legacy to the church that has played such an integral part of your life by providing spiritual growth, care, fellowship, outreach and support.
  • When writing or revising your will.
  • When the transfer of a large estate will produce large estate taxes.
  • When existing life insurance policies are no longer needed.
  • When you are required to take an IRA distribution.
  • When considering disposition of a highly appreciated asset, such as a real estate or stock.

Planned Giving Opportunities


Provide a simple way to make a gift that will keep on giving after your lifetime.


A contract whereby you transfer assets such as cash or appreciated securities to the UCC in return for age-based, lifetime annual payments of a fixed amount. You also have tax savings with this program.


Pools your contribution with others in a large fund, the net income of which is distributed to you based upon your share of the fund. You also have tax savings with this program.


You transfer cash, securities and other property into an irrevocable trust and receive lifetime income. A Unitrust pays flexible income, based on a percentage of the trust’s fair market value as determined annually. An Annuity Trust pays a fixed income, based on a percentage of the original gift amount


Offer opportunities to make substantial charitable contributions. If you have a policy which is no longer needed for family protection, you may simply name MBCC as the beneficiary. You also have tax savings with this program.


Can be a wise asset to use for a charitable bequest, as individual heirs may be heavily taxed on distributions received by inheritance.

Plan Your Giving

For more information about Planned Giving opportunities, please contact the MBCC Planned Giving Committee below or through the church office.

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