Worship – To Love is To Live

November 26 10:00 - 11:00 am  |  Sanctuary

303 South Peck Avenue, Manhattan Beach, CA, USA

Join us every Sunday for worship with Pastor Mike Spitters and Pastor Jodi Bushdiecker.

“To Love Is to Live” based on Matthew 25:31-46. This message claims that what we do for and to the least of these—sick, hungry, homeless, oppressed, imprisoned—we do to Jesus. The God of Jesus isn’t a remote supreme being on a throne up there. God is here, in the messiness and ambiguity of human life. God is here, particularly in our neighbor, the one who needs us. God wants to save our souls and redeem us, so we can experience true, deep, authentic human life. God wants to save us by touching our hearts with love. God wants to save us by persuading us to care and see other human beings who need us. God wants to save us from obsessing about ourselves and our own wants. God is persuading us to care for others. To love is to live.

Live stream of the service can be viewed at on our church website or mbcctv (YouTube channel)