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Join us for a lively, in-depth, single-topic, 70-minute discussion, typically featuring a knowledgeable authority. Share your views during the Q&A period. 8:30 AM every Sunday in the Assembly Hall.

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Please check back soon for upcoming events.


Please check back soon for upcoming events.


ADG: "Choosing the Best Health Plan for You" by Vince Kelly

The Medicare open enrollment period began today, and Vince Kelly, a health insurance consultant, returned to give his annual assessment and advice about the Medicare choices being offered to us. He discussed the Original Medicare Plan, the Medicare Advantage Plan, drug coverage, and supplemental insurance.  There was substantial Q & A.

ADG: "Rev. Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Maintaining Jesus' Values in Hitler's Germany" (part 2 of 2) by Dr. Lisa Dahill

Dr. Dahill has asked that, rather than posting this recording on the MBCC website where the general public has access to it, we should provide it only to MBCC members who request it.  To request this recording, please send an e-mail to Jim Duffy at  Jim will respond quickly.
Summary of presentation:  Following up on her May 7th presentation about Bonhoeffer’s early years, today Dr Dahill discusses Bonhoeffer’s return to Germany, followed one year later by Hitler’s becoming the leader of Germany and the start of the Nazi genocide campaign.  Bonhoeffer publicly opposed Hitler on religious grounds and attempted to gain support from other Christian leaders.  He was  implicated in an attempted assassination of Hitler and was killed several weeks before the end of WW2.

ADG: "Moderator Perspectives - A Year in Progress" by Rick Hefner

Half way thru his term as MBCC moderator, Rick discusses recent initiatives of the church.  Then he asks ADG members in what direction they would like to see our church move.  Specifically, he conducts a poll of the ADG audience, asking three fundamental questions:
  • Which of MBCC’s 5 core values is most important to you ?
  • Which of 9 listed attributes should MBCC focus upon ?
  • Which of 4 paths should we pursue for our adult faith formation efforts ?
The results of this poll are discussed.

ADG: "India, Revisited" by Rick Hefner

Rick, who returned in August from his 4th trip to India, discussed and gave examples of how India has changed since his first trip 20 years ago.  He explained how many of their beliefs and customs differ from ours.  He then discussed how this experience has caused him to reassess his personal beliefs and priorities.  He challenged each of us to re-think our personal priorities.

ADG: "The Solar Eclipse" by Ray Russell, Ph.D.

Ray Russell, along with other professional astronomers, visited Idaho to observe the August 21st total eclipse.  Using photos and diagrams, Ray tells us about this recent experience, and explains the basics of eclipses.  He also explains how only during eclipses can certain features of the sun be observed, thus providing unique opportunities for scientist to learn more about our sun.

ADG: "Classical Virtues in a Technological Age" by Pat Beiting

Pat focuses on the question “Can our present day virtues, which are grounded in an interconnected digital world, still include a reverence for life ?”.  Pursuing an answer, Pat discusses a C.S.Lewis conference and a A.N.Whitehead conference she attended several weeks ago in Europe.  She discusses the philosophies of Plato and Aristotle, and touches on modern process philosophy.

ADG: "Providing Birth Control for Women in Guatemala (WINGS)" by Morgan Livingston

Morgan Livingston, granddaughter of Tony and Linda West, shares her experience in Guatemala providing reproductive health services for an underserved female population.  Morgan did this for 6 weeks as an intern, working for an NGO (WINGS) in their mobile health clinics in Guatemala.

ADG: "Experience Working with WINGS"

On August 20th, our speaker will be Morgan Livingston, granddaughter of Tony and Linda West and a recent graduate of University of Wisconsin.  She will share her experience working with WINGS, a Guatemala-based NGO that provides reproductive health services to the underserved population.  Morgan spent 6 weeks in Guatemala working with the mobile clinics of WINGS.  We begin at 8:30 AM in the Assembly Hall.  Everyone is invited.

ADG: "Getting To Know You" by a panel of mostly new members of MBCC

This panel discussion introduced us to MBCC members who we didn’t know well. The panel consisted of Lance Honea, Hilary Cherry, Bill Ryan, and the Lovekins (Tim, Laura, and daughter Emily).  Each talked about their backgrounds, their spiritual journeys, and why they chose MBCC.  There was significant Q&A afterward.

ADG: Getting to Know You

On Sunday, August 13, The topic: “Getting to Know You”.  A panel of newer and newest younger members including the Lovekin family, Lance Honea, Hillary Cherry, Bill Ryan, and Susan Norris, will introduce themselves, talking about their backgrounds and what led them to MBCC.  Some of these members have already been serving on various committees for a few years, and others have just recently joined our church family.  We invite all ages to attend to welcome these new faces, and we meet at 8:30 in the Assembly Hall.

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