Youth 1736 Giving Tree

Our youth will again be providing gifts to those in need at 1736 Family Crisis Center this Christmas! Since we are unable to gather together during this time, a sign up has been created. Here is how it works:

  1. Click this link or go to this link on your computer.
  2. Review the options of people you would like to purchase gifts for.
  3. Sign up! It’s easy!
  4. Please make note of the wants/needs of the individual and the number assigned to this person.

Once you have signed up, you can purchase your gifts for this person. To ensure that everyone in each family is receiving comparable gifts, please only spend up to $50 on each person. Please wrap your gift or use a bag. On the tag, write the number of your recipient, then tape the tag securely to the gift. We will be collecting the gifts at the church office until the Christmas Drive-In Service on December 12th. All gifts must be at the office by December 12th.