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Reverend Baugh will be leading a Lenten bible study on “Deconstructing Doctrine” from March 12 – April 16. We will look at five of the most commonly held doctrines in Christianity. What circumstances inspired them? When did they become Doctrine? What are they meant to do? How have they been used or misused through history? And do they make sense for people of faith in the modern world?

We meet on Tuesdays at noon in the Chapel.

Links to audio of past sessions:

January 15, 2019

January 22, 2019

A doctrine is an accepted teaching of a church or other body.  It may be something that is regarded as a standard or guideline, or it may be an inflexible rule, depending on the church or group. Doctrines can be very useful  in helping to guide people on their faith journey, or they can be misused as a means for the church to control the thoughts and actions of its members.

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