Adult Discussion Group

Join us for a lively, in-depth, single-topic, 70-minute discussion, typically featuring a knowledgeable authority. Share your views during the Q&A period. 8:30 AM every Sunday in the Assembly Hall.


Please check back soon for upcoming events.


Adult Discussion Group - Contemplative Practices of Christianity - Rev. Jim Burklo

The Contemplative Practices of Christianity, Rev. Jim Burklo Sr Associate Dean of Religious and Spiritual Life at USC, will lead us in experiencing Contemplative Practices of Christianity from the early monastic period to the present.  These forms of prayer are aimed at “contemplation”, or mystical union with the divine.  To get a preview, see his videos introducing these practices here. All ages are welcome. We begin at 8:30 AM virtually on Zoom at

Adult Discussion Group - "The Virus of Hate" - Dr. Erroll Southers

This week we will watch a video titled “The Virus of Hate”,  a presentation by Dr. Erroll Southers, Director of the Safe Communities Institute, USC Sol Price School of Public Policy. He will define and discuss the growth of homegrown violent extremism in the US, the issue areas of society where such groups operate, and useful sources of information related to the types and scope of violent extremism in the US.

Dr. Southers is one of the leading authorities in the US on terrorism and homegrown violent extremism. Since his graduation from Brown University, Dr. Southers has served as  police officer in the City of Santa Monica,  a FBI agent in counterterrorism, foreign counterintelligence, the deputy director for critical infrastructure protection of the California Office of Homeland Security, and  Chief of Homeland Security and Intelligence for the Los Angeles World Airports Police Department. Also, he was President Barack Obama’s first nominee for Assistant Secretary of the Transportation Security Administration. All ages are welcome. We begin at 8:30 AM virtually on Zoom at

Adult Discussion Group - Medicare 2021 Update: Your New Choices - Vince Kelly

On November 1st our topic will be “Medicare 2021 Update: Your New Choices”.   Our Medicare expert, Vince Kelly, will return during this annual Medicare open enrollment period to discuss the changes in next year’s Medicare program. If asked, he will also give tailored advice about specific Medicare issues and the various health care providers (HMOs, etc.). All ages are welcome. We begin at 8:30 AM virtually on Zoom at