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Join us for a lively, in-depth, single-topic, 70-minute discussion, typically featuring a knowledgeable authority. Share your views during the Q&A period. 8:30 AM every Sunday in the Assembly Hall.


ADULT DISCUSSION GROUP - “India’s Only Significant Foreign-Born Religion - - Islam - Dr. Phyllis Herman

Date & Time:Sunday, September 22, 2019 - 8:30am

On September 22nd our topic will be “India’s Only Significant Foreign-Born Religion - - Islam”.   Except for Islam, all of India’s major religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism) originated in India.  How were Mohammed’s followers able to convert millions of worshipers in India, including in the portion of India that later became Pakistan?   What have been the consequences? Our discussion will be led by Dr. Phyllis Herman, professor of India’s religious history at UCLA extension and CSU/Northridge.  We begin at 8:30 AM in the Assembly Hall. All ages are welcome.

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8 Sep 19: "Homelessness in Los Angeles" by Marilyn Anderson

“Homelessness in Los Angeles” was discussed by Marilyn Anderson, using, in part, the 5Aug2019 update of the “Greater L A Homeless Count” published by LAHSA (the L A Homeless Services Authority). After reviewing these statistics, Marilyn described two of the current LAHSA programs to combat the recent significant increase in homelessness. She then gave recommendations for how we in the South Bay can become involved.

25 Aug 19: "Impact of Climate Change Upon Marine Birds" by David Weeshoff

David Weeshoff was introduced by our Diane Carter, both of whom volunteer at International Bird Rescue in San Pedro. Bill has traveled to and studied numerous remote bird sanctuaries around the world and is deeply involved with multiple organizations in protecting birds from environmental threats, including global warming. Bill gave many concrete examples of the impact of global warming upon marine birds and their food chain. He discussed the impact of plastic litter (trash) in the ocean and of its being mistakenly consumed by unsuspecting fish and birds.

18 Aug 19: “Gene Editing to Create Healthier Babies” by Jim Duffy

Jim Duffy uses three brief video presentations to tell about advances in gene editing technology (CRISPR):
• Dr. Mitalipov of the Oregon Health & Science University discusses his team’s breakthroughs in improving the success rate and repeatability of gene editing (CRISPR) procedures (a Charlie Rose interview).
• Dr. Ellen Jorgensen describes the gene editing (CRISPR) process in simple terms (a TED talk).
• Dr. Jennifer Doudna, a co-inventor of CRISPR technology, describes that technology (a TED talk).
These videos also briefly discuss the ethical issues related to human gene editing (e.g., “designer babies”).

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