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12 May 19: "Fake News" by Rev. Matthew Baugh

America is currently a very politically polarized nation. One cause for this is that we are being bombarded with “news” from many sources that exacerbate our polarization. Some of these news sources are highly questionable and are, in fact, promoting their own special interests, rather than the public interest. How can we recognize the factually accurate news from a biased version ? Rev. Baugh gives us examples of this bias and shows ways and tools to recognize and bypass these biased versions and connect directly to authentic news sources.

28 Apr 19: "Mary, Mother of Jesus" by Julye Bidmead

Dr. Bidmead of Chapman Univ begins by describing the social conditions and the role of women in the very patriarchal society of first century Palestine, including in Nazareth. Then, using the New Testament, the Gnostic Gospels, and the Infancy Gospels, she discusses Mary (what little we know about her), including her virgin pregnancy and the social stigma associated with it.

14 Apr 19: "Our Evolving Community Colleges" by Carole Wenger

The topic, “Our Evolving Community Colleges” is presented from the specific perspective of Los Angeles City College by its Director of Alumni Relations, Carole Wenger. She explains that while some of the LACC students were attracted because of the low tuition cost or the proximity to their home, many other students were not yet ready to cope with the pressures of traditional 4-year colleges. Among their personal problems are homelessness, family problems, poverty, and illnesses. In many cases LACC students are able to soon move beyond these problems and to do well academically. Carole discusses the degree of support the LACC can provide to students with these problems.

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