Ministerial Search News

November 9, 2020

Dear MBCC Members,

As promised, I’m writing you again to provide an update on our ministerial search.

Our Executive Board approved three of its members to lead the search for an Intentional Interim Minister. Mary Beall, George Conde, and Deb Dipprey are already meeting. They will work with our Conference Minister to review ministerial profiles, interview interested candidates, and make an Interim Minister recommendation for Executive Board approval.

While that is in progress, we also want to form the search committee for our future Senior Minister. This committee will write our updated Church Profile and Senior Minister job description, review ministerial profiles, screen candidates, conduct interviews, check references, and eventually select a candidate who will be recommended to the entire congregation for approval.

Ministerial search requires considerable time, effort, and patience to ensure we find the most qualified person and best fit for MBCC. However, it is also a rewarding experience that will greatly impact the future of our church. Members of the search committee must be: open-minded; dedicated; willing to meet regularly for several months; decisive; and able to work as a team. Please note that it may be necessary for this group to meet in person for the most effective communications and collaboration.

The search committee will consist of seven MBCC members who represent the diverse interests and ages of our church. (Less than seven would not be representative of MBCC and a larger group prohibits effective teamwork.) Incoming Moderator and Associate Moderator, Lance Honea and Mary Beall, respectively, will also participate, but will be non-voting members.

If you would like to be on the search committee, please submit the attached application (PDF, Word) to the church office ( by Friday, December 4th, 2020. (Hard copies are also available at the office.) A team of former MBCC Moderators will review the applications and recommend a slate to the Executive Board for approval.

If you have questions about the responsibilities involved, I encourage you to speak with any of the following congregants who previously served on a search committee: Pat Beiting, Sherri Brand, Diane Carter, George Conde, Austin Garrison, Jim Goswiller, Rick Hefner, Anne-Marie Saunders, Donna Thorpe, Craig Torrey, and Elaine Weiner.

Thank you for your interest in the care and future of Manhattan Beach Community Church.


Nancy Hesterberg, Moderator