MBCC to Continue Virtual Services

For more than two months, we have been holding worship services online, utilizing our YouTube channel. We have been blessed by a number of wonderful musicians who have shared their talents, and we have shared in the sacrament of communion across the distance. Our Faith Formation and Youth ministries have pivoted to offering resources online and virtual gatherings, and we have found new ways to share in fellowship and adult learning. We have also witnessed our congregation serving one another in new and vital ways, offering support and reaching out to remain connected. It has been a wonderful experience, although different.

In the past days and weeks there has been a great deal of discussion in our nation about reopening our churches. Given all that I have just described, I would submit that “the church” never closed. Yes, our buildings have been closed, but our church is alive, well, and active in our community and as a community, and for this I am truly thankful.

Our leadership has begun conversations both about when and how we will be able to reopen our campus. It will be a significant undertaking, as there are many precautions that will be necessary. Safety remains a top priority, and we will continue to listen to the experts to determine our next steps. We will also be reaching out to the congregation to gather your input.

In the meantime, please know that we remain open as a church and active as an expression of the living Body of Christ in our world.

Shalom…Rev. Mark