Our governing documents include:

Constitution and by-laws, created at the the founding of the church in 1905 and last amended on February 21, 2016

Employee Handbook, intended to provide a supportive, collegial work environment for all MBCC employees, consistent with our Christian values

Forms for conducting MBCC business

Our governing Boards and Committees:

Executive Board

Act for, in behalf of, and be responsible to the Church membership with regard to its spiritual welfare and conduct of its business and to oversee all organized activities of the Church.


Operations Board

This board shall be responsible for all business operations of the Church, as described in the Business Operations Section herein. It shall consist of no more than thirteen and no fewer than nine members. To serve on this board, each member shall have previously served on an official board of the Church.

Diaconate Board

Assists and officiates in all matters pertaining to the spiritual welfare of the Church.

Christian Education Board

Supervises and administers the Church School and education programs.

Youth Ministry Board

Assists and supports our youth and provides spiritual, social and service opportunities that will nurture our youth, enabling them to grow toward the image of Jesus.

Communications Board

Responsible for printed and electronic communication, including publicity, internally within our church and externally with our local communities.  Our external, out-reach  audience includes “church shoppers” and others who are exploring their religious options.

Social Action Board

Assists in the application of religious principles to everyday life.

Cultural Arts Board

Supervises the music programs and other cultural programs of the Church.

Theatre Board

Supervises the church theatre programs, to foster community outreach and involvement.

Extension Board

Develops and extends our hospitality and welcome to the community we serve, and promote and advances the participation of our members and friends in the life of the Church.

Memorials Committee

Acknowledges and records all specially designated memorial gifts to the Church, and authorizes the disposition and oversees the prudent management of all such gifts.

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